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Who we are

We have always been passionate about wine

We love trying new cepages from all over the world and always said that one day we would make our own wine. When we discovered Gračišće/Istria we knew it was the place where this dream could finally come true. Our adventure is to make French style burgundy type wines in the Istrian peninsula using the highest quality Istrian grapes blended with our love for this project.

We hope you will enjoy what we have produced.

Inspired by nature

The choice of “Domaine Koquelicot” for our winery name reflects a thoughtful decision. “Domaine” adds a French touch to our vineyard, while “Koquelicot” is inspired by the simple, joyful, and elegant poppy flower that graces the fields surrounding our vineyards in Istria and the south of France.

It’s a beautiful way of encapsulating the spirit we aim to capture in our wines.

IstriaN region
Burgundy method

We embarked on a wine adventure in Croatia over twelve years ago, establishing a small production of Chardonnay and Malvazija wines in Istria.

Inspired by Jacqueline’s roots and love for the region, we aimed to enhance the quality of Istrian Chardonnay using the Burgundy method.

Drawing on family history and assistance from Burgundy winemaking friends, our journey blends a passion for wine with a nod to tradition.

our wines

Our winemaking journey, spanning over 10 years in Croatia with “Domaine Koquelicot,” is a captivating tale. Despite not owning a vineyard, our collaboration with local producers in Istria has yielded unique wines. From the early days in Belaj to building our own cellar in Gračišće, the path has been marked by successful experiments, like the award-winning cuvées Belaigra, Epicuria, Santa Chiara, and Fugaz.

The introduction of sparkling wines such as Kontempo and Luna, along with red blends like Nomad and Bohème, adds fascinating diversity to our repertoire. The swift success of Bohème and the recent launch of the rosé Koquette bring new dimensions, offering a rich tasting experience.

More recently we decided to add a new cuvee using traditional French red grape varieties of Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon, matured in French oak for 2 years to create Enkanto.

A fun experiment has been using Merlot from Gračišće blended with our blanc de blancs sparkling wine, without liqueur d’expedition to create Kariño

Our story reflects a journey of ongoing exploration and success in the realm of wine, emphasizing quality and originality in each creation.

Green technology

Domaine Koquelicot is a small boutique winery producing between 8,000 to 10,000 bottles per year.

The wine is produced slowly in our cellar in Gračišće with minimal intervention. The grapes are picked by hand when fruit is ripe. Then whole bunch pressed slowly using the pneumatic press. Fermentation is spontaneous with natural yeasts in our burgundy barriques.

Bâtonnage until December and then the barriques are closed until we prepare the wine for bottling. Minimum use of sulfites.

After bottling we keep the wine at least one year before selling it.

Burgundy in Croatia:
When Love and Wine Collide

Meet our unique wine producers, blending the rich traditions of France and the hidden gems of Croatia to craft exceptional wines.

Olivier Ertzbischoff

Olivier is a medical doctor (cardiologist) and spent more than 25 years working in the pharmaceutical industry, the last company being Bayer.

Twelve years ago, he started to think about producing wine.
He participated in harvests and cellar work in famous Burgundy domaines such as Anne Claude Leflaive, Bachelet-Monnot, and did some training on Biodynamic wines.

He has been drinking good French wines for many years and is especially a connoisseur of Burgundy wines.

He holds certification in viticulture and enology.

Jacqueline marovac

Jacqueline is a Clinical Epidemiologist working in international pharmaceutical drug research for the last 25 years.

She was born in Rijeka, and then started her globetrotter life, which took her to the UK, Canada, USA, Asia, Chile, Africa and France.

Her sense of contact, her curiosity and her taste make her a fine “connoisseur” of different life styles and particularly of wines from the many countries visited.

She holds certification in vinification and WSET level 3.